Our Services are pretty simple:

We do all your monthly bookkeeping and accounting and you get back from us an awesome report you can use to make great decisions and improve your restaurant.  


How the process works:



Every Monday, send us your bills that you want paid.  You can send them to us by mail, e-mail or fax.  We enter them into our accounting system, cut checks on your check stock and mail the checks out to your vendors by the end of that week.   Your vendors are pretty happy because they are getting paid on time and they won't cut you off.  That makes you pretty happy too!  






At the end of your payroll cycle, the General Manager of your restaurant enters payroll hours into your payroll processing company.  The payroll processing company processes your payroll and sends us payroll reports.  We enter the payroll information in our accounting system.  The payroll processing company will handle all the payroll taxes.  They will submit the tax payments, prepare, and file the tax reports to the proper taxing agencies.  The payroll processing company will charge you a fee for their services.  


At the end of the month, send us some reports from your POS system, bank statements, and inventory count.  We record all that information in our accounting system, reconcile the bank accounts, adjust inventory, complete sales tax returns, and complete the monthly accounting.  Then, you get back an awesome report we call the "Monthly Side by Side Analysis Report".  Below, I will tell you more about this report.






The "Monthly Side by Side Analysis Report" is basically a Profit & Loss report pumped up on steroids!  You can use it to make informed decisions.  On this Profit and Loss report, you will see your Income, Cost of Goods Sold and Expenses.  Honestly, that is pretty boring, but there is also some very exciting numbers on this report, such as:

Actual Food %       vs.      Ideal Food %                                    

Actual Labor %      vs.      Ideal Labor %                                   

Actual Beverage %     vs.     Ideal Beverage %                              

Knowing this information is very useful because you can focus on improving these important key aspects of your restaurant.  




    The "Monthly Side by Side Analysis Report" also has an "If Analysis" section which shows how much money you could have made if you fell within the Ideal % ranges.  If you are outside the Ideal % ranges, you will receive guidance on how to get back into those Ideal % ranges.  You can save a lot of money which increases your Net Income.  



     The "Monthly Side by Side Analysis Report" will be sent to you 15 days after the month ends.  It will also include each and every prior month.  This will allow you to compare all prior months to the current month, look for trends, and evalulate how your restaurant is doing.  





     A valuable service we provide is a monthly chat to discuss the information on the "Monthly Side by Side Analysis Report".

Monthly Side by Side Analysis Report